Our vision is happy communities living in sustainable and modern cities. We have extensive engineering competences in the field of construction, spatial analysis, environment, water management and energy. With our open minds, ambitions and sensitivity to social elements, we want to be seen as a valuable partner for residents, the public and private sectors. We want to contribute to a better and more friendly space to live.


Fundacja Miasta Przyszłości (the Future Cities Foundation) conducts activities related to the sustainable development of cities, in particular Polish ones. Our main goals include activities to protect and promote the health of urban residents, social initiatives, dissemination of knowledge, promoting ecological solutions, sustainable construction and environmental protection. The Foundation plans to organize social campaigns, meetings, trainings and workshops, and actively participate in projects for the friendly development of urban space. We will effectively use our existing and future relations with local authorities, international institutions, NGOs, experts and residents. Our large, motivated and creative team is a guarantee of effective solutions, innovative ideas and fun.


The goals of the Foundation are:

  • activities supporting the development of technology, inventiveness and innovation as well as the dissemination and implementation of new technical solutions in business practice;
  • activities supporting the development of local communities;
  • health protection and promotion;
  • activities for the benefit of disabled persons and persons in retirement age;
  • activities for children and young people, including leisure for children and young people;
  • ecology and protection of animals and protection of the natural heritage;
  • supporting the revitalization of urban space, buildings and the natural environment;
  • activities in the field of science, higher education, education, and upbringing in particular related to sustainable development, ecology, urban planning, transport, resource and energy efficiency, environmental protection
    and biodiversity;
  • activities supporting economic development, including entrepreneurship;
  • activities for European and international integration as well as developing contacts and cooperation between societies;
  • promotion of the Republic of Poland abroad;
  • charity work.

The full foundation statute (in Polish) is available at this link statute



MARCIN GAWROŃSKI - President of the Board

Marcin jest Dyrektorem Działu Budownictwa Ekologicznego w Sweco Consulting i praktykiem z dziesięcioletnim doświadczeniem w branży budownictwa zrównoważonego. Posiada licencje międzynarodowych systemów certyfikacji BREEAM i LEED, jest także autorem kilku publikacji z obszarów związanych z budownictwem ekologicznym. Działa z pasją według idei, w które wierzy. We współpracy z zaangażowanymi ludźmi sięga po ciekawe pomysły i realizuje je. Jako wolontariusz angażuje się m.in. w sprzątanie świata, ratuje płazy w ramach Akcji Płotek czy wspiera program Szlachetna Paczka.


MARIA DOLNIAK - Board Member

Maria professionally deals with various projects in the field of ecological buildings, innovation and EU funds. She is a licensed consultant for the BREEAM Communities certification system, which helps create sustainable neighborhoods and districts. She co-creates the Sweco Young initiative, which brings together young Sweco employees. She was the leader of the team awarded in the international RICS competition for the retention bench. Privately, she is involved in social initiatives, including co-runs the Motivation Day blog, which aims to support women's development.



Janusz has been dealing with consulting in the field of climate change, sustainable development, renewable energy and energy efficiency since the beginning of his professional career. He collaborated with the UN on projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Development Mechanism. He is also a creator of the Green Projects blog, where he writes about eco-sciting ideas, as well as about environmental problems.


The founder of the Future Cities Foundation is Sweco Consulting sp. z o. o.

Sweco Consulting is an engineering and consulting company whose one of the main goals is to create a society that is sustainable with the environment. The company offers consulting and engineering services for all stages of the project, on the waste, water, energy, road and rail market as well as building construction in both the public and private sectors. Sweco Consulting in Poland consists of over 270 engineers and consultants who are part of a community of 16,000 specialists providing clients with high-quality services within the Sweco group.

More information can be found on the website: https://www.sweco.pl/


The Foundation needs support for its activities. Our account number is: 26 1090 1447 0000 0001 4350 2355